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        • Polarizing Beamsplitter Cube
          A polarizing beamsplitter cube consists of two right angle...
        • Waveplate
          Waveplate (retardation plates or phase shifters) is made from...
        • Dove Prism
          Dove Prism is used as an image rotator which the exit beam...
        • Half Penta Prism
          Half Penta Prism is exactly an half cut from Penta Prism which...

        ABOUT US

        Taizhou Jingda Optic Electric Co., Ltd., founded in year 2001, is a professional customized manufactory of high precision optical components in China.

        The biggest advantage of Jingda is to have a splendid team of engineering, management, inspection and marketing. We own the most advanced production equipments and test instruments which ensure the quality.

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